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Quit Smoking Today

Quit Smoking Today
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Most smokers have different reasons why they light up. It might them relax.  Some people tend to smoke while drinking a cup of coffee.  Some people smoke because they are afraid that they will gain weight if they quit.  Some people smoke because their friends smoke.  Some people smoke because they are bored and there is nothing else to do.

1. Smoking helps me relax.

While these are some of the many reasons why people smoke, there is not one health benefit. In fact when somebody picks up a cigarette, lights up and puffs, he is doing more harm to his body than good. There are many health consequences of smoking. Some include: high blood pressure, increased pulse rate, decreased oxyden level in the blood, increased carbon monoxide level, nicotine addiction, Cancer and other health related issues to smoking and premature death.

 Check out what good you will do to your body when you smoke for the final time.  With 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and heart rate will begin to improve.  Your oxygen level will increase and your carbon monoxide level will decrease.

Breathing will become easier within a few days after quitting. 

Your risk of stroke is decreased. 

Your risk of death from lung cancer has decreased.

Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has now decreased.

Your risk of smoking induced tooth loss has declined to that of a never-smoker

Your risk of coronary heart is decreased.

You have to ask yourself this question.  Do the benefits of quitting smoking outweight the ones of lighting up and puffing?


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While the above article deals with nicotine addiction, you may find yourself battling a different sort of addiction.  Check out the resources below if you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction.

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