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Free Faith Christian

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God is Forgiving and Loving

Free Faith Christian Church is located in the tiny hamlet of Faithville.

Even though the church does not sit on a lush thirty-five countryside and does not include luxuries like a large movie theater, amusement parks, gold courses, retirement community, shopping malls, resort centers, fitness centers and swimming pools, it is a large church.

You need no driving instructions to get there.  It is as tiny as a mustard seed, but you can find this church even without leaving your town.  Free Faith Church is just around the corner from you.  You can find it in any Christian church, people who you meet and you do not even have to leave your house to find this church.  Free Christian Church is in your heart when you start having faith.

There are no paid pastors with this church.  Each one of us can be a pastor just by sharing the faith.


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